The Beholder's Ire Inventory

The Beholder's Ire Inventory


Arrow-Catching Shield 6 480gp
Sentinel Shield 7 930gp
Shield +2 5 860gp
Boots of Levitation 4 210gp
Boots of Speed 4 640gp
Cloak of Evenkind 5 140gp


Ring of Acid Resistance 5 200gp
Ring of Evasion 5 300gp
Ring of Fire Resistance 6 800gp
Ring of Poison Resistance 4 800gp
Ring of the Protection 5 900gp
Ring of the Ram 5 000gp


Arrow of Slaying (Chromatic Dragon 650gp
Arrow of Slaying (Giant) 650gp
Vicious Warhammer 700gp
Bead of Force 960gp
Elemental Gem, Emerald 950gp
Staff of Fire 16 500gp
Staff of Thunder and Lightning 12 500gp
Wand of Binding 9 000gp
Wand of the War Mage (+1) 2 800gp


Bag of Holding 3 780gp
Goggles of Night 2 100gp
Ioun Stone, Leadership 2 050gp
Ioun Stone, Reserve 5 850gp
Sending Stones 2 120gp

Weapon Enchantment

Flame Tongue 5 150gp
Frost Brand 4 930gp
Sun Blade 11 800gp
Vicious 600gp

The Beholder's Ire Inventory

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